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May 22 2018

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thorkyrie + height difference

May 21 2018



remember when fyre fest happened like a year or so ago and there was this article where the attendees complained about how shitty it was but there was this one middle class dude who won a ticket through like a lottery or something and had the time of his life because rich people suffering is great. i hope y’all remember it is today’s mood

god i AM josh.

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“She must be pretty important to you”

“She is”





okay but

fuck your stereotypes

long hair is not “girly”

the same way short hair is not “manly”

hair has no gender

hair is just hair

&as long as you’re not disrespecting a culture with the way you do it

you keep on doing you

Its like someone looked into my brain and decided to make a photo set based on men I would find so overwhelmingly attractive I couldn’t look directly at them if I met them in person

I…….I just…

today is a GOOD day!

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A Fact.

Ryan: “Now onto our final theory: that he was kidnapped by aliens.”

Shane: “Oh horSEHIT!!!!” 

Peter Q, who’s been watching over Peter P.’s shoulder this whole time: “Wha-NO, NO, HE’S RIGHT, THAT BIG BLUE BASTARD DID IT.” 

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This is some college AU gold


oh my god they were roommates



them: thanos is the most built up villain of all time

me, an intellectual:

Honestly, no one can ever deign to assert that Azula is not the single most iconic female villain in the western animated canon if not the entire global literary canon.



Bruh let’s not have another holocaust…

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Roman Reigns Appreciation Week Day 1

Favorite 2017 highlights: The Shield Reunion.



anyone who says they would rather be an avenger than a guardian is a fool. the guardians go on constant outer space adventures with a talking tree set to 70’s dad music. plus they all love and would literally die for each other. what do the avengers do? assemble for five minutes then get into a walmart parking lot fight and never see each other again. fuck you.

Thor ghost wrote this


The Good Place is even better than the praise that it gets, and I’m still worried that so many people are sleeping on it and not recognizing one of the most absolutely game-changing comedies on television today.

It’s hugely risky to make a show that’s so reliant on philosophy and morality and to not only go in hard on that, but to still be funny, and to take risks with its world and characters and change things up in such huge ways so often…

Everyone involved in the making of this show should be showered in Emmys and enshrined in the television hall of fame - they should make a television hall of fame specifically for this show, okay.

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emma (2009, dir. jim o'hanlon)

May 20 2018

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You know what? I do see the difference!

The guy on the left is awarding Ellen with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. That’s an award given to American citizens. The guy on the right is giving a veteran the Presidential Medal of Honor, an award given to soldiers who serve their country.

Obama gave out Medals of Honor to dozens of soldiers. So it is really weird that they chose to use a photo of him with Ellen instead of one any of those. It’s almost as if they were intentionally making an unfair comparison in order to confirm the biases of the uneducated rubes who trust Facebook memes more than actual news.

Fun Fact: That veteran served in Vietnam, a war that the current commander in chief deferred from serving in FIVE TIMES because he had painful “bone spurs.”

The president heroically overcame that obstacle the second the draft was over, and now he can even play golf 2-3 times a week instead of doing the job he was elected to do.

See? You can learn something from memes. It just takes a little digging.

- John Marcotte

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Philando Castile was gunned down when he was legally carrying a firearm…

May 19 2018

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two genders myth BUSTED

You guys know what today is

May 18 2018

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